{Love Story} Roxy and Alan’s “Day After Shoot”

I’m thrilled to share with you a #livesparkly love story.  Everyone knows Roxy as the vivacious entrepreneur who reinvigorated the art of celebrating as the “bar cart lady” and the founding spirit behind Society Social.  Her company is all about shared celebrations, so allow me to share the story of Roxy and the man she celebrates life with, Alan.

Roxy of Society Social

Roxy of Society Social

Roxy of Society Social

Alan and Roxy Owens
Wedding Day: May 24, 2008
Venue: Ceremony in Newton, North Carolina at St.Joseph’s Catholic Church
Reception in Conover, North Carolina at Rock Barn Golf & Spa

Day After Shoot: October 31, 2008
Location: Downtown Concord, NC and nearby pumpkin patch!
Unfortunately I don’t have digital copies of our wedding day photography so Tamra graciously accepted our “day after shoot” photos which actually took place about 5 months after we were officially Mr. and Mrs. We wanted to get married in October (the month we met!) but couldn’t because my little brother played college football at the time so it was a perfect way to re-live our day during our favorite time of the year!

Kristin Byrum Photography is a darling husband and wife team made up of Kristin and Aaron Byrum. The warm, laid back (and funny!) duo make you feel like you’re old friends within minutes of meeting them. They calmed any nerves we had about being natural in front of a camera (because let’s be serious, it’s not an everyday thing to be in a photoshoot!) just by being themselves.  You can tell they really love working together and love what they do and because they are having fun, you can’t help but to open up and have fun too! I think our shoot and all their work reflects that. We’ll cherish our pictures and their kindness for years to come! I could sing their praises to the moon and back, but their portfolio speaks for itself.

Roxy and Allen’s Love Story
We like to call it sushipizza. Not literally. (gross) He likes one, I like the other, we always make it work!
There was a boy in a punk rock band and a girl who scooped gelato. They weren’t us, but they introduced us. It was October. He liked my year round tan. I liked his rice cooker. (his muscles too ;) Mom still remembers that phone call. There was a surprise jack-o-lantern named Jack (hence the pumpkins in our shoot!), an AOL IM away message “she’s here =D,” then we kissed at “da club” because we’re classy and the rest is history. :)

The Proposal
I pulled the lid off our room service banana split and found a beautiful red box tucked under the napkin. I cried so much Alan had to ask me if it was a yes! On our way out to celebrate, he made a sneaky detour. I insisted that there was certainly no champagne to be found at Caribou Coffee, but protests turned into more tears when I discovered my entire family waiting to congratulate us! They made the drive just to be there on our big night J  After, I got my champers, just the two of us!

Experience their Wedding Story
Food. Bevs. Entertainment. Those were our priorities! Let’s just say, we didn’t want the night to end so we took the reception back to our “honeymoon suite.” I mean, how many times in your life do you have all your most favorite people in one place?!

Swoon worthy Wedding Details
There are just too many!! I do have to say our “bench” (see photo above) is super special. We had a Catholic wedding, the bride and groom do a lot of kneeling, standing, sitting so many times there’s a bench or mini pew in front of the alter. My mom and dad designed it and had our names specially carved into the back of it along with our wedding date. They hope my siblings’ names will be added to it one day and we hope to pass it on as a family heirloom for many years to come!


Thank you, Roxy and Alan, for being the first to share your LOVE story with us!  We are swooning over the unique, beautiful bench your parent’s had specially made and absolutely love the idea of passing it along through your family.  An incredible piece to commemorate the celebration of your love!  Cheers to SushiPizza!


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  1. Chelsea

    First of all, I LOVE the launch. So amazing. Your branding is perfection. Secondly, what a cute day after shoot. I love it. xo

  2. {The Design Daredevil} Jessie D. Miller

    I love Society Social! How wonderful to see some of her personal pics!

  3. Roxy

    Tamra, thank you so much for reminding me of such a fun and special day! Your clients are going to have swoon eyes ;) And thanks y’all for the dear comments! x!!


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