Ash Footwear – Pumped up Kicks

Do you sport pumped up kicks?


On my walks with Bella, we pass the Ash store and my eyes become fixated on their fancy wedged sneaks.  I imagine how I could take “running” around the city all day to a whole new level and let’s not forget how two inches goes a long way for my 5’2″ frame.   Bella then pulls me and we continue on our walk while I think to myself if those shoes are really for me, really my style?

Well… I think this ad pretty much answers that question.

Ash Footwear Wedge Sneakers
The answer is, YES!!!  For those who may not know, I’m a huge fan of sequins and even have my own pair of  party pants.  Here I am wearing the pair my hubs surprised me with this past Christmas.  Yes, he surprised me.  He knows me very well.  :)

Tamra Sanford Ever Swoon

Ash Wedgie Sneakers

Now the real question… which pair should I get??

*images via Ash Footwear / Photography by Chris Owyoung

7 Responses to “Ash Footwear – Pumped up Kicks”

  1. ashley

    ack you are so cute!! you know, not every gal can pull off sequin pants, but you rock them! loving the white sneakers. xoxo

  2. Mandy Riggar

    Oh my heavenly fabulous!! First, those sequin pants are to.die.for. Husband did good..real good! I love pairing sneakers with blazers, etc…they are literally great for running around in the city. My favorites are the yellow or the grey :)

  3. fifi

    I need a pair of these! was eyeing them at Bloomies… Can’t wait to see how you rock em!!


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