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Let’s Toast to Carly, guest swooner of the day!!


Today, we have professional irish dancer, Carly of A Simple Affair, under the disco ball here in Studio Swoon!  When Carly was in NY last week, we had a ridiculously fun night with our fellow blogging buds.  She most definitely lived up to our motto #dancetildawn!  Besides dancing, this darlin’ is a trendsetting sweetie.  Bella was in love at first sight!!


Hello fellow Swooners!  Carly here from the lifestyle blog a simple affair!  I couldn’t be happier to be here today to share with you my favorite dinner date outfit.  Whether you’re getting reading for a date night or ladies night, this basic ensemble outline is just for you.


Dinner Date Night Necessities by Carly Haslee
Blouse:  Sleeveless, short sleeve, or long sleeve, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful blouse.  Tuck it in and pair it with a cute belt or wear it long.Skinny jeans: black, coral, green, I really don’t care the color.  Find a pair and color YOU feel comfortable in.  This clearly won’t be the same for all of us lovely ladies.  While I am loving the colored denim trend, I personally stick to black and add color with other pieces in my outfit.  Again, that’s me.  If you love the color, wear it and pair it with black or nude pumps. Or do some color blocking of your own with the jeans + heels.Accessories: the heels, clutch, and jewelry are your way to show some more of your personality.  This is where I like to bring color into my outfits and some statement jewelry.Make it fun! You should leave the house feeling great and confident! Don’t try to make a trend fit you if it doesn’t feel right. Like floral pants just aren’t happening for me, and I’m 110% okay with that.Cheers to each and every one of you, and have a blast in your dinner date outfits while you dance ’til dawn!xo Carly
I’m over at my blogging bestie, Brynn, for a little Q&Q today!  Come visit me over at Chartreuse and a Twist!

19 Responses to “Guest Post | A Simple Affair Date Attire”

  1. Lisa

    So cute, Carly! I am definitely a wear-neutrals-accessorize-colorfully kind of girl, so this outfit is right up my alley :)

  2. Landi

    What a precios post! Love Carly, she’s so sweet. Couldn’t agree with her more about the whole trend thing… While its great for a few months (or less) there’s no reason to force yourself into a trend that you don’t love! I definitely cannot pull off the floral jean look and I’m 110% okay with that too ha!! Cheers!

  3. Carly

    How FUN..I love love love that dinner outfit..especially the accessories..clutch and shoes are KILLER! Great picks Carly!

  4. Alexa

    Loved your feature on Brynn’s blog…so fun seeing you over there…and Carly is one of my favorites! :)

  5. designstiles

    I would wear this in a heartbeat. Feminine blouse up top and holy hot heels at the bottom.
    Totally dancing after the dinner date.


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