NY Engagement Session Pt. 2 | Evelyn & Ram

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Happy Hump day lovelies!  Are you ready for Part 2 of the swoontastic NY Engagement Photo Session?  Yesterday, we left off with our lovely couple canoodling under the heart bombing helicopter in Nolita.  After we tip toed through the cobblestone streets, we went back to ever swoon HQ for a costume change.  OK, wardrobe change.  As a dancer for many years, I think I will always call it a costume change.  Anyway, it was time for Evelyn to don the swoon worthy sequined and tulle Oscar de la Renta gown.  To update her look to an evening affair, Tara Segall, our hair/makeup artist, gave her some smoky eyes and took her hair down while adding some more volume.  Va va Voom!!  Oh, and let’s not forget the Groom.  He was looking debonair in his tux we rented for him from Baldwin Formals.

For the second half of the shoot, we decided to take this red carpet worthy couple uptown to prance around 5th Avenue and under the Times Square lights.

Without further adieu, NYC engagement session Part 2!

NYC Engagement Photo Session ever swon NYC Engagement Photos Session ever swoon NYC Engagement Photos Session ever swoon

NYC Engagement Photos Session ever swoon

NYC Engagement Photos Session ever swoon

NYC Engagement Photos Session ever swoon NYC Engagement Photos Session Times Square ever swoon

Oh subway grates, how you add a touch of magic.

Photography by Andrea of Andrea & Marcus

Hair and Makeup by Tara Segall

Check out ever swoon‘s facebook page for more photos and some behind the scenes pics that feature everyone’s favorite furry assistant, Bella!


11 Responses to “NY Engagement Session Pt. 2 | Evelyn & Ram”

  1. Carly

    Great shoot..that dress is AMAZING and so perfect for the city backdrop! great styling:)

  2. Thenowstylebook

    I can’t take it!!!!!!! Her dress is out of controllllllllll!!! They are the cutest and the photography is amazing!!! Checking out part one right this minute!!!!!!

  3. Mandy Riggar

    GORGEOUS! The styling is stunning…I am drooling over that dress! What a beautiful couple, in a beautiful city & in beautiful attire. Bravo!

  4. Aubrey

    That dress is just beyond gorgeous…I love the pic of them all fancy and crossing the street, it’s FANTASTIC!

  5. Dawn {The Alternative Wife}

    OMG she killed it in that gorgeous gown! I would have just stopped and stared if I came upon this shoot!

    Hope you’re having a great week, sweets! And how about today’s weather??? Amazing, right? :) xoox

  6. Lisa

    That DRESS!! How absolutely gorgeous! I love that shot of them leaning against the lamp post–so cute :)


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