New York Anniversary

I heart NY.

ever swoon I heart NY

6 years ago today, I moved to Manhattan.  Each year on June 6, I like to reflect on my journey to New York and celebrate this magical city I so proudly call home.  I give thanks to my family and friends who supported, encouraged, and believed in me.
Today I toast to my 22 year old self for following her dreams.

Happy Anniversary to Manhattan and Me. :)

21 Responses to “New York Anniversary”

  1. Alexa

    Happy Anniversary Tamra! Such a bold decision that you made and New York is a pretty special place!

  2. Amy

    06/06/06 was my high school “senior ditch day”. that’s all i remember.
    this is truly inspiring. i’m 24 now and i am deeply afraid of “not knowing,” incertainties, and change. i started following your blog just recently, i’d love to hear more of your stories since you moved to manhattan, especially the early years… do you have an archive of that somewhere? maybe when i turn 25, i’ll have the courage to pack up and survive on my own and the “not knowing.” thanks again for sharing.

  3. Mandy Riggar

    Happy anniversary! Congrats on making the bold move to a big city and not only surviving, but thriving. Beautiful things happen to those who try hard and take risks…thanks for the inspiration! Cheers!

  4. designstiles

    Six years. I don’t think I could survive six days. Congrats on following your swoontastic dreams. I’m mighty impressed.

  5. Aubrey

    That is truly amazing…an amazing story about an amazing gal (c: Happy Anniversary to the happy couple! (c:

  6. Red

    What a fantastic post. I love that you toast yourself for this.
    I think i’ll do that on the 3 July, which will be my 22nd anniversary since i moved to London.
    This post has put a smile on my face.
    Congratulations Tamra.


  7. katie

    oh good grief what a beautiful website!!
    i’m in the process of looking to spiff things up around my corner of the web world…yours is so shiny and fancy..
    elie sent me over here…
    congratulations on your anniversary!

  8. Style, She Wrote

    Kudos to you and your former self for following your dream! I am so glad you have enjoyed living in my hometown. xo style, she wrote


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