Brooklyn Winery Wedding Reception | Photo shoot



Hello lovers!!  Pour yourself your favorite glass of wine this morning because we are revealing our Brooklyn Winery Photo Shoot!  The talented team I worked with was the same team behind the Three Martini Lunch photo shoot I shared with you back in April.  Something special happens when we collaborate; it all comes together magically.

The original idea behind the shoot was inspired by Steam Punk, but it quickly evolved into what we call a steamy, Victorian, dark, and romantic shoot.  Mouthful right?  Try saying that with a few glasses of wine!  The color palette included chocolate browns, burgundy, gold, and a mixture of complementary colors.  When creating a faux photo shoot, we believe it is extremely important to tell a story.

Meet “Gwendolyn and Augustus”, our faux fancy couple.  The Bride and Groom wanted an intimate wedding reception during the fall that helped tell their love story, a story that first started at a vineyard.  They wanted their guests to be in a warm and charming environment and had a vision of the dinner to look like a family style affair fit for a King in the Victorian Age.  Gwendolyn envisioned her dress to be fashion forward, soft, feminine, but with that “poof” that so many brides ask for.

Come now, and “Take Flight” with the happy couple!

Angel Sanchez Wedding Gown Angel Sanchez Wedding Gown ever swoon styling Angel Sanchez Wedding Gown Bride Brooklyn Winery Escort Cards and Guest Sign in Brooklyn Winery Cocktail Hour Decor Bouquet Brooklyn Winery Table Design Fall Colors Brooklyn Winery Gold and Burgundy Table Design Brooklyn Winery Reception Table Design Gold Brooklyn Winery Gold Purple Tables Reception Angel Sanchez Wedding Gown Bride Brooklyn Winery Wedding Reception Fall Colors Brooklyn Winery Center Pieces Gold Candles Brooklyn Winery Gold Table Design

I wish these photos were 3D because it was really incredible to be there in person to see it come to life.  Can you just imagine the warmth that would fill this room? I can hear goblets clinking now.  When we were setting up, I took a peak at the escort cards and saw that my very own Bella Sanford was a special guest!  Why am I not surprised?

Swooning Thank You to the lovely people who helped create this magic.

Venue Julie Oehme, Brooklyn Winery
Photography by Erik Colonese Photography
Floral Design by Gabrielle Aronas of G! Designs
Couture Paper Items by Ana Dolan of Invitations by Ana
Wedding Gown by Angel Sanchez courtesy of PR Director: Carolina Alvarez-Mathies
Cake by Amy DeGiulio, Sugar Flower Cake Shop
Model Ashley Leutner
Styling, Coordination, & Event Production by Tamra Sanford of ever swoon
ever swoon assistant Julia Rosinus

31 Responses to “Brooklyn Winery Wedding Reception | Photo shoot”

  1. Carly

    tablescape..ambiance..everything perfection….sort of dark and moody…sort of makes me want to sing that song …Oh its a marvelous night for a moondance….by Van Morrison
    what I am really obsessed with is that WEDDING DRESS! omg..the back…I DIE!

  2. designstiles

    This is beautiful, Tam. Those floral arrangements are hella swoony. This totally looks like a real wedding. A faux wedding might be better since there’s no bridezilla to deal with.

  3. Bethany

    Tamra-Sooo fabulous and let’s just say, you couldn’t have picked a more beautiful model! The whole shoot is absolutely AMAZING! xoxox Miss you!

  4. Julie {Julip Made}

    The shoot looks beautiful Tamra! I absolutely love the cozy vibe and those flower arrangements with those dangling flowers…it all came together so well!

  5. Alexa

    I’m looking at this again Tamra and just LOVE it. Are those wine bottle labels custom or are they actually the real label? And if so, what are the brands?

    • Tamra {ever swoon}

      You are so sweet! It is actually Brooklyn Winery’s wine and their own labels! IT just so happened that they matched the feel of out photo shoot perfectly. You can find out more here –

      Let me know if you have any additional questions!



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