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By now you’ve probably seen Magherita Missoni’s wedding all around the blogosphere.  Rightfully so, because those photos made me weak at the knees!!  However, I noticed a very important part of the wedding was yet to be featured.  Their guest of honor, Missoni’s Bulldog, in a tie!!!

Margherita Missoni Bulldog Wedding

Those wrinkles kill me.  Adorable overload.

The wedding was nothing short of a fairy tale.  Some describe it as Gypsy-Chic and I can see it setting a trend for many wedding seasons to come.  My favorite part, besides the furry scene stealer, was her Giambattista Valli gown.  Story is, she saw a similar style dress in a magazine 15 years ago (the bride is 29 yrs old)  and saved it.  Along with her mother, Angela, she created her ethereal couture gown with the supervision of Giambattista Valli.  The gown included Missoni details with copies of her prints and embroideries.

Margherita Missoni and Eugene Wedding Vogue IT

Margherita Missoni Wedding Table Vogue IT

I’m not sure who this sweet ol’ man is, but I would have loved to sit at his table. He gets a bottle all to himself!

Swooning over the daisy wreaths on the bridesmaids.

margherita missoni wedding gown

Pure happiness!

Wishing Margherita and Eugene a very happily ever after.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?  Anyone else dying to have a similar backyard soiree?

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  1. Aubrey

    The tables with all the fabulous bolsters have me in envy overdrive…all that color and pattern living happily together makes me one happy camper (c: Truly a one of a kind event there! LOVE the bridal party, too, amazing…


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