Paper Wedding Garland | Bride and Groom

Esty Swoon


paper wedding garland Bride and groom

paper wedding garland Bride and groom

paper wedding garland Bride and groom


Eeep!  Adorable detail alert.  Seriously, how sweet is this handmade Bride and Groom garland from Etsy seller Anastasia Marie’s Shop.   Three separate pieces of white sparkly paper make up the brides gown.  The groom is made up of 7 pieces of grey and yellow paper for his structured suit.  No detail is missed in these miniatures and the garland can also be completely customized.  How about a little Bella in there too?

Check out more details on Etsy.

Double Swoon idea – After using it as decor, frame it and present it to the bride!

How would you use it?

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11 Responses to “Paper Wedding Garland | Bride and Groom”

  1. Erin

    Now that is definitely a swoon-worthy detail. I love how they used it here. It would have been a detail I would have used at my rehearsal dinner, which was more like a welcome everyone from out of town bbq on the lake. The rustic feel would have been perfect.


  2. Aubrey

    I’m always a sucker for miniature anything, so this garland is miniature heart attack of L-O-V-E!


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