The search for the perfect card.

greeting card anxiety.


Shopping for a greeting card could take 30 seconds or 30 minutes.  If you are like myself, searching for a wedding card takes 30 minutes and maybe 3 different stores.  It’s amazing how slim the wedding/engagement selection is, given the fact that the majority of guests give cards at weddings and have gifts sent to the couple.  Even at some higher-end specialty card stores, I have trouble finding with personality, they are too small, or any other factor that makes me immediately place them back on the shelf.

Attention stationary retailers: the wedding section could REALLY use some work.  If you want me stop disrupting your wedding section by looking at every card, I suggest procuring some of these Etsy designs.

match made in heaven wedding letterpress card“Matches made in heaven.” – Wild Ink Press

favorite married couple wedding cardLittle Red Press London

Mr and Mrs wedding congratulations card

Smock Paper

orange beautiful


lets hear it for the boys wedding cardHeartsGrowFonder

Where do you find the perfect card?

14 Responses to “The search for the perfect card.”

  1. Traci

    I always have this issue. I was in a hurry for the last wedding and I gave the strangest card ever. It is terrible because so many of the gifts I give are just off the registry or money, I want the card to at least be personable, and normally they are so generic! OMG I may have to make a post about this as well I feel inspired:) These are all adorable options… what would one do without etsy?

  2. Lisa

    Definitely relate to that frustration! Even though I look in Target and Hallmark and all that, I always end up at Paper Source–Rifle Paper Co never fails me there! I love all of these options though, especially the his and hers cowboy boots, for obvious reasons :)

  3. classiq

    Good stationery is always hard to find. And wedding stationery even more so. The first one is lovely and funny.


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