Surprise Serenade at California Wedding

Serenade Swoon


Naturally, I love hearing about weddings.  I love experiencing a couple’s special day through the voice of an honored guest.  Sometimes though, I get to hear something so swoony, so surprising, I want to hear the story all over again, see pictures and video to swoon in the moment.  This past weekend my dear friend Erika of small shop delivered said type moment and had me swooning so hard.

Allow me to introduce the following swoon, delivered barber shop style.

July 28, 2012 – Nixon Library, Yorba Linda, CA

Erika’s sister-in-law, Jennifer Brechtel, is the blushing bride being serenaded by her groom,  Sam Papageorge.  Wonder who he hired for the surprise serenade?  Well, surprise!  It wasn’t a vendor; the groom is a part of a quartet and choir that competes on a national level.   (Where and when are these barbershop competitions? Can I go and scope out some talent??) Sam comes from a family of singers who were all in on the surprise ceremony serenade.  How sweet is that! Bravo Sam, well executed surprise!

Congratulations to Jennifer and Sam!

You can see Erika and her adorable daughter, Leighton, to the left of the bride (second from the right).   If I’m not mistaken, I think Leighton is swaying to the serenade. :)

Thank you Erika for sharing this video and family wedding story with us!

Have you witnessed any wedding surprises?

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  1. classiq

    Tamra, you don’t just make special moments happen, you know how to share lovely moments too. xo


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