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Cheers to Amelia, our guest poster of the day!


I’m dancing with excitement to have Amelia in Studio Swoon today!  I met her through Erika of small shop studio who recently designed her newly launched art consultant and blogging business, Colour Bloc.  Amelia contacted me this past spring about my event consulting services for an upcoming baby shower she was hosting.  We met in the city to start working and I was immediately swooning over her enthusiasm and style.  I look forward to following her career as she trail blazes a new path for art on the blogosphere.

A commissioned landscape from Katherine Sandoz is the best. gift. ever. !

Hi lovely swooners! It’s Amelia from Colour Bloc. Tamra, thank you so much for having me over to your bloc for the day. I’m a huge fan of anything + everything having to do with Ever Swoon and am excited + honored to share some helpful tips on The Gift of Giving Artwork! Although aesthetic taste is very personal and quite specific, art can be a really thoughtful and generous present.

Perfect occasions to give a piece of art:

Wedding present

Birthday treat

Anniversary gift

Thoughts to consider:

What current pieces fill their walls, if any? Is there a specific space for your gift?

What colours appeal to the recipient? Do they admire any artists in particular?

Have they been pinning (through Pinterest, naturally) any artwork recently?

Places to find that special piece of art:

mixed media diptych created by Eeli-Ethel Polli

Your sister has been pinning bright, cheery paintings like it’s her job. Her birthday is the end of August, what’s a girl to do?! Check out Etsy! This vibrant online store has artwork from a ton of talented, hip emerging artists all at affordable prices. I’m currently loving work from Brittany Bass, Autumn Rose, and Eeli-Ethel Polli. If you choose this route, I would go with a diptych or triptych and definitely frame the pieces (a white, crisp frame always looks sharp)!

Leisure Land Pool by Dolly Faibyshev

Your chic, art-enthusiast cousin is walking down the aisle this fall and just purchased a home with her hubby-to-be. You haven’t seen her new abode yet, but know she’s dying to occupy the space. Uprise Art (NYC based contemporary art collectors’ club) is perfect for this! I would give the recipient a 3 month membership ($50 per month. What a steal?!). This allows them access to unique, fresh artwork from contemporary artists so they can rent (and fall in love with then purchase!) something special for their new home. I have been eyeing work from Dolly Fairbyshev, Diana Delgado, Ashok Sinha.

A commissioned piece Jenna is currently work on

Your parent’s 25th anniversary is just around the corner. You’re interested in helping revamp their living room with a refresh painting. I’d suggest taking a bigger risk and commissioning a piece for the special celebration. I’ve worked with Katherine Sandoz and Jenna Pirello on commissioned paintings in the past and highly recommend both talented ladies.

Still stumped on finding the perfect piece of artwork for your friend’s wedding (or maybe for yourself…)? Allow me to help, check out my services for art consulting and drop me a line!

9 Responses to “Guest Post | Colour Bloc”

  1. Dawn {The Alternative Wife}

    How fabulous! And art is such a wonderful gift to receive. If the person knows you well enough that is… :) My parents gave me some art for my birthday a while back and it’s still one of my favorite pieces. I was pretty impressed at how well they knew me. I guess your parents should know you well enough but that’s not always the case.

    Hope you’re having a good week, love! xoxo

  2. Donna

    Love love love the suggestions and choices for gifts. I believe art is a gift that keeps on giving year after year…never going out of style. Thanks for introducing me to such dynamic artists.

  3. Amelia

    Thanks Tamra for having me over to your bloc today! I’m looking forward to having you post soon. XO

  4. Lonely Wife Project

    I would honestly be too scared to pick out art for someone else. It’s such a personal thing you know? Although I guess that’s where Amelia’s services come in handy!

  5. Tracy

    Her art work is lovely. I think it would look darling hanging in a home office for inspiration.

  6. Aubrey

    This is definitely one of those gifts that can be amazing or a giant flop! FABULOUS advice on how to gift art and I had NO IDEA you could do a monthly rental of art! That is so RAD!


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