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Hey there swooners!
I’m Josslynn an ever swoon swoonologist!   I’m so excited to be starting a new post series called “Whimsical Wednesday” happening twice a month!  Here at ever swoon we have a love for the cute and the whimsical. I will be sharing all things whimsical from puppies to events inspired by whimsical and fanciful thoughts.  We love little Bella, who is full of whimsy herself, and I thought it was only fitting that for the first Whimsical Wednesday to start off with some furry friend inspired photos.
Boston ballerina
{Note from Tamra: OMSwoon! I’m in love with this photo!!}
Pug and a Ringbearer
horse w/flower halo

Josslynn and Bella

via ever swoon

Upon meeting ever swoon’s littlest mascot, Bella, one immediately falls in love.  It should not come as a surprise that I needed my very own photo with Miss Bella.
What whimsical posts would you like to see?



10 Responses to “Whimiscal Wednesday | swoonologist”

  1. Alexandria

    That 1st picture is just over-the-top adorable! { & I love that the newspaper says “dreams” } Keep dreamin’ pup – you can rock that tutu, too!
    I’m excited for whimsical wednesdays – great job girls.

  2. diane @ a spot of whimsy

    the first pic is to die! and as a fan of whimsy, i love the idea of this new series!

    how about sharing ways that couples brought their shared interests into the wedding with special little touches that wouldn’t necessarily be called “wedding-y.” maybe, for example, unique guest book ideas or table number/table names. just spit-balling!

    • Josslynn

      What great ideas!! Thank you for your input Diane, we will definitely add that idea to our list!

  3. ashley

    ahh i loveee that first pic!!!

    i would love to see more whimsical decor… confetti, candles, oodles of flowers… :)

    • Josslynn

      Love these ideas, things that are almost over the top? Or fun and whimsical ways to include these elements? I love it! Thank you Ashley!

    • Josslynn

      Aren’t they adorable? We hope that Whimsical Wednesdays will be the highlight of your week with all the fun pictures we plan to use!


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