HGTV & The Design Daredevil

Meet my friend!


Jessie-Miller The design daredevil



Clear your schedules tonight or program your DVR, because my fabulous friend and interior designer, Jessie Miller of The Design Daredevil, is one of the contestants of HGTV’s The White Room Challenge airing this Friday, 9/21!!


designdaredevil interior design

Here is just a swoon taste of Jessie’s fab portfolio.  The black and white stripes mixed with the fringed lamps make me swoon at the knees.  I can’t wait to see what devilishness she brings to the White Room Challenge!


I love these photos of Jessie and the amazing David Bromstad!  They were snapped right after they completed 15 hours of competition.  My home-girl was a focused devil and did not break for food or potty!  White Room or Bust!  How sweet is that moment caught of David giving Jessie a pep talk before the judging ceremony!  Love.

What’s this White Room Challenge I’m cheering about?

Four challengers enter the White Room Studio hoping to walk away as the contest’s best designer and winner of $10,000. Their challenge? To transform their ten foot by ten foot white room into an amazing design inspired by the clothing worn by the mannequin in their room. The catch? The challengers must use clothing as a medium! After a trip to the Santee Alley section of the Los Angeles Fashion district to purchase materials, competitors race to create rooms that challenge design rules and bring life to empty spaces, all in under fifteen hours.


Get out your poms and  tune in this Friday, 9/21 @ 8pm EST to HGTV White Room Challenge and cheer on my girl Jessie!! YAY!


I’m off to produce one of my sweet client’s wedding this weekend in the Hudson Valley.  Be sure to check out my instagrams and updates, as there will be a lot of swooning going on!  How are you celebrating Fall’s first weekend?

Cheers Lovers!


12 Responses to “HGTV & The Design Daredevil”

  1. Alison

    Wow that is great! I will definitely tune in, and boy do I love me some David Bromstad. I just want to give that man a hug! Can’t wait to see the results of your event this weekend, absolutely divine weather for it.


  2. Lauren (L.A. in the bay)

    I just watched the show and OMG she is my favorite! I was like, this girl has GOT to have a blog! She is so FAB and stylish!!! ADORE ADORE! Of course she is your friend ;)



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