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I love when my clients send me their save the dates and invitations.  Obviously, it isn’t necessary, as their date is already saved and I don’t need to RSVP.  Regardless, I enjoy receiving them and keep each one in a scrapbook.  One particular invitation suite stood out to me this wedding season as it was so perfectly matched to my clients.  The design and copy was cohesive, witty, and clean.  From the save the dates to the wedding programs, the suite spoke to my clients, Lindsay and Chris’ style and personality.  To top that off, the suite was beautifully printed using letter press, the couple’s fingerprints, and a fresh shade of green ink. Swoon!

Sorae Lee is the talented designer behind these invitations and the owner of the soon-to-be launched company, Little Paper Bear.  Sorae sent over some photos of Lindsay and Chris’ swoon worthy suite along with some of her other fun and modern letterpress designs.  Check them out and get to know her below!



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NYC Wedding Invitation Letter Press


State of Georgia Letterpress Save the Date

Sorae Lee:

I am a graphic designer living in Boston. I love bears, pastries, rainbow sprinkles, and the color yellow. When I’m not at work or designing invitations, I love baking and DIY projects.

Before I start designing invitations, I usually ask the brides to send me samples of things they like and things they don’t like, so I can get a good feel for their personal styles. Sometimes brides have specific ideas. Lindsay, for instance, wanted thumb prints on her invitations, Gwyn wanted to incorporate the Atlanta skyline, and Kristina wanted to use traditional Chinese colors red and black, which were meaningful to her. I take those elements that are special to them and design something original.

I try to provide as much direction as seems appropriate, so I give a few design options at first and then offer a professional opinion on what might work best, if the bride asks. She has a lot of decisions to make leading up to her big day, so I want to make the process of choosing the design as easy as possible!

I decided to start Little Paper Bear after really enjoying doing some wedding invitations for friends. It’s a nice break from my 9 to 5 job as a graphic designer for a major corporation. I want to help brides find just the right design for their wedding, because I know how important that detail can be (I’m in the process of planning my own wedding for next October). I’m currently doing custom wedding designs only, but eventually I plan on having templated invitations available for sale as a more economical option for couples on a budget.

If people want more information they can visit my site, Little Paper Bear,  which should be up soon, and give me a shout at
Pictures via Sorae Lee

21 Responses to “Little Paper Bear Invitations”

  1. Lindsay (the thumbprint bride!)

    So glad to see that Sorae’s invitation design skills are being featured!

    I come from a publishing background and geek out over the things that other brides may gloss over – e.g. card stock for invitations, color selection (which green to use?!? there are millions!), and custom design.

    From the moment we started working together Sorae listened to me, gave great feedback, and made the invitation design process really feel like a collaborative experience. The end result? She took a rough sketch of what my hubs and I wanted and turned it into something beautiful, tangible, and 100% unique to our personalities. <3 Little Paper Bear.

    • Tamra {ever swoon}

      I’m a huge fan of her work and was happy to feature them! I can’t wait to see what Little Paper Bear creates, I’m already in love with the branding.

      I def geek out over nice cardstock and branding. Did y’all frame your invitation suite? If not, I highly suggest it, perfect print for your home!

  2. Julie & Lauren

    Omg, those sweet thumb prints!!! Absolutely love this. I’ve been mulling over ideas for our save the dates. Thinking a cool black and white photo, but this is certainly throwing me for a loop! XO


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