UK Swoonologist & a cameo!

 Team Swoon


I’m very excited to introduce to you ever swoon‘s newest swoonologist.  Elliss interned with me over the summer and I almost didn’t let her cross the pond to go back to school.  She was a natural and amazing addition to the team, as she embodies the drive, spirit, and passion us swoonologists stand for.  I can’t wait for her to return to the city!  Until then, she will be swooning in Studio Swoon from afar!!

After you meet Elliss, come find me over at Hunter’s blog, Navy and Orange, today kicking off her new series, Something Blue! Cheers swooners!

13 Responses to “UK Swoonologist & a cameo!”

  1. Jessica {Storyboard Wedding}

    Yay! Elliss is sticking around! I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Elliss this summer for a short bit & she is such a cutie! Love that you’ll be sticking around Tamra’s disco ball :P Look forward to crossing paths when you finally make the jump official!


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