Flowers to Fund Hurricane Relief

walks with Bella and sandy

This was the view from downtown Manhattan Mercer Street looking north during black out .  That little glimmer of light is the Chrysler building.  Eerie right?  We lost power, heat, and, running water for a week.  Someone posted the picture below to facebook, and it’s funny, but so true.

It was pretty much a ghost town and after sundown in the downtown area, everyone looked like either walkers (zombies) or stealth ninjas.  With out cell phone service, internet, etc, we really felt like we were on a remote island. Emptying our warm fridge was like flushing $$ down the toilet, (if we had water to flush).  We went out in search of food.  Yes, in search.  Candles are only romantic for a few hours…..

In all seriousness, our problems were just inconveniences though, as we consider ourselves the lucky ones.  Our hearts go out to all of those impacted by Sandy, thousands left homeless, and cold without heat.

A dear friend of mine in the wedding industry, Gabrielle Aronas of G! Designs, is offering a fundraiser for the Red Cross by donating all net proceeds of any flower arrangements ordered during the month of November

A note from Gabrielle:

In order to help, I have decided to donate 100% of the net proceeds of all individual floral arrangements sent from G! Designs in the month of November to The Red Cross.                             

If you are thinking of sending/ordering flowers this month, please consider participating and ordering through G! Designs.
Everyone has someone with a birthday, an anniversary or an overdue “thank you”.  Sending flowers “just because”, will make someone smile about your thoughtfulness and will help those who have been severely affected and left with nothing. If you know someone needing flowers, please forward along.
I know that many have already donated to charitable organizations in the last couple of days. If you have not, and prefer to donate directly to the cause, please visit RED CROSS or SALVATION ARMY to do so.

Below are just a few of the many different kinds of arrangements she creates.


To purchase an arrangement for sandy relief click HERE.

I hope that you all are well and safe from the storm.  If there is anything I can do to help those in need in the tri-state area, please feel free to reach out to me!

We will be getting back to regular posts by soon and we appreciate your patience!


7 Responses to “Flowers to Fund Hurricane Relief”

  1. Aubrey

    That really is so scary, I’m so glad/relieved/thankful that you all were left relatively unscathed…what a good cause! And I loved your “walkers” reference. Awesome (c;

  2. Gabrielle | Savvy Home

    What a beautiful initiative (and a gorgeous name!) ;)

    I donated to the Sandy relief fund recently but I applaud the creativity here! These flower arrangements are stunning. Well done ladies!

  3. Lisa

    so glad you weren’t affected too badly. it’s so crazy seeing the city like this! and thanks for sharing ways to help xoxo


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