Fatty Sundays & Co

This sweet surprise delivery came from one of the best named treat companies ever, Fatty Sundays & Co!

#tastesasgoodasitlooks   #almostatethewholebag

Keep swooning…

Fatty Sundays & Co is a family owned small business based out of NY.  The story behind their name is just as sweet as their chocolate covered pretzels.  “Fatty Sunday” is what this confectionery clan called their family tradition of taking the last day of the week to relax and indulge in their family’s secret all natural flavored pretzels.  Lucky for us, we can have some fatty sundays, too!  Flavors include, classic PB&J, Moccha ‘spresso, toasted coconut, sprinkles, and many more!   They offer custom packages and flavors for weddings and events, so go and get your fatty on!

1 – via everswoon, images 2-4 via Fatty Sundays & Co.

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