Real Wedding | Lady Mary Charteris & Robie Furze

Lady Mary Charteris and rocker husband, Robie Furze, of the English electronic rock band, The Big Pink, wed in true rock and royal fashion.





Here comes the bride!!!

Mary-Charteris-Wedding-Dress-main - grazia

I know you want to see more of that dress…


Lady-Mary-Charteris-wedding - grazia

That dress?!!? …..  to be discussed.

 Vogue Wedding

Seriously swooning over the velvet clad little ones.


Pup at the alter!  My kind of wedding.


I’m on a sugar high just looking at this deliciousness!


The setting is your quintessential, breathtaking English country side, but it is the surprise elements (teepees!!!!) that steal the show!

The flowergirl/ring boys were clad in blue velvet and the girl wore a cape!  Now that is super stylish.  As for the bride’s wedding dress, now that was super surprising.  Cut out body suit?  Every bride is different and Lady Mary certainly marches to the beat of her own drummer (sorry, cheesy pun)!  The dress is a custom Pam Hogg and was inspired by her Spring 2012 collection.

How do you feel about the rock chic details?

photos via VOGUE


8 Responses to “Real Wedding | Lady Mary Charteris & Robie Furze”

  1. Aubrey

    The teepees just kill me, so much fun! And I could use that candy buffet right about *now* (c: As for the dress, *DANG* her for having the rockin’ body to pull it off, but it’s pretty far from my own tastes for a wedding…I wonder how Dad felt about walking his little girl down the aisle in that? (c;

  2. designstiles

    wow, totally rock and roll. My grandmothers would’ve totally hit the floor if they saw me walk down the aisle in this. They’d be praying the rosary the whole time.

  3. Alexa

    Wow. This is a true rock and roll wedding. I am completely mesmerized by that dress! And the location. Incredible!

  4. Katherine

    Wow! That’s definitely the most daring wedding dress I’ve ever seen. The strangest part is that I really kind of absolutely love it. Reminds me of 90’s McQueen. I hope she gave dear ol’ dad a sedative of some sort!



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