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ever swoon wedding || Caroline & Wooin – teaser video

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garden chic wedding

official ever swoon This email made my day. “….We got our videos and I thought you might want to see the short one :) I still can’t thank you enough for all that you did for us! And I still miss our daily emails haha. Take care, and give Bella a rub for me!!”… Read more »

New York Proposal Story | Tamra, Michael & Bella

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tamra and michael

mr. swoon Yesterday is what I like to call my proposalversary.  3 years ago my hubs, Michael aka mr. swoon, surprised me with the most amazing, personal, and thoughtful proposal one could ever imagine.  It was perfect because every detail related to our love story and why he wanted to marry me.  I’m swoon-tearing just… Read more »