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Bachelorette Party welcome box

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bachelorette party box harmony creative

Party in a box! all images via etsy: Harmony Creative It’s a bachelorette survival kit!  This swoon preparation box by Etsy designer, Margaux Friase of Harmony Creative, has it all.  The hot neon box was personalized for each girl and packed with all the essentials, including a tongue & cheek schedule.  Boxes included neon items… Read more »

The search for the perfect card.

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lets hear it for the boys wedding card

greeting card anxiety.   Shopping for a greeting card could take 30 seconds or 30 minutes.  If you are like myself, searching for a wedding card takes 30 minutes and maybe 3 different stores.  It’s amazing how slim the wedding/engagement selection is, given the fact that the majority of guests give cards at weddings and… Read more »

Paper Wedding Garland | Bride and Groom

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paper wedding garland Bride and groom

Esty Swoon     Eeep!  Adorable detail alert.  Seriously, how sweet is this handmade Bride and Groom garland from Etsy seller Anastasia Marie’s Shop.   Three separate pieces of white sparkly paper make up the brides gown.  The groom is made up of 7 pieces of grey and yellow paper for his structured suit.  No… Read more »