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Guest Post: The Urban Slant Wedding Style

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Ever Swoon Tamra Sanford and Julia Rosinus

Let’s Toast, Julia, our guest poster of the day!   I’m so excited to have Julia under Studio Swoon’s disco ball today!  Y’all know her from the fab blog, The Urban Slant, but did you also know she’s been moonlighting and likes to #dancetildawn??  That’s right, raise your glasses (or coffee) to Julia, *Clink!*  She… Read more »

Ash Footwear – Pumped up Kicks

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Ash Footwear Wedge Sneakers

Do you sport pumped up kicks?   On my walks with Bella, we pass the Ash store and my eyes become fixated on their fancy wedged sneaks.  I imagine how I could take “running” around the city all day to a whole new level and let’s not forget how two inches goes a long way… Read more »